Equipment Sales

Periodically, we have an opportunity to offer reconditioned units for sale. Unless otherwise specified, these are offered with the same warranty which is provided on all equipment which we service.


L&R Varimatic S/N 281561

varimatic watch cleaner

Remanufactured Varimatic Watch cleaner and 204U Ultrasonic generator complete with jars and basket. New Microswitches, hydraulic seals, basket motor bearings, basket motor cord, vacuum tube, rebuilt ultrasonic transducer, and black wrinkle paint finish. 1 year warranty. $1800.00 plus freight.


L&R Tempo 400 S/N R38915

tempo 400 watch cleaner

Remanufactured Tempo 400 watch cleaner complete with jars and basket. New microswitches, basket motor bearings, rebuilt timer control, motor speed control, ultrasonic generator circuit boards, and black wrinkle finish paint. 1 year warranty. $3500.00 plus freight.