Terms and Policies


We accept payment via company cheque, cashier's cheque, and US postal money order.

COD shipments incur an additional US$10.00 surcharge

Open accounts are available for established trade accounts only.

Repair Policy

Estimate will be provided within 2 business days upon receipt of the defective unit. At this time, we will discuss necessary repairs and provide an estimated completion date. Typical turnaround is 3 to 5 business days once repair is approved. Complete overhauls on Varamatic and Tempo units take longer.

If for some reason repair will take longer (parts availability, complexity of repair), you will be informed of the delay.

Estimates declined for repair

The unit will be returned for a US$25 estimate fee, plus incurred shipping charges. If you do not want the unit, we can dispose of the unit, waiving estimate and shipping fees.


We provide a standard one (1) year warranty on our repairs and refurbishment, covering both parts and labor. This extends only to reoccurring problems relating to what the unit was serviced by us to address, as well as defective components. On refurbished equipment, the complete unit is covered.

Warranty work performed under the original manufacturer's warranty coverage does not extend the original manufacturer's warranty term.

What is not covered under warranty:

Shipping Policy

Before shipping your unit to us, please fill out the RMA Form. Record the RMA code and clearly mark it on the shipping label, or with any included paperwork. This code is used to track your unit and status.

When shipping your unit to us for service, please make sure the unit is packed properly. We recommend at least 2" around all sides. Purchase adequate insurance to cover your item from accidental damage or loss. Do not send glass jars, metal cup, detachable power cords, baskets or lids. An exception is that the ultrasonic goblet for ACS900 units must be included with unit.

Where possible, please use the wooden shipping crate you may have for it. Your crate will be used for the return shipment of your device.

Return shipment

Small part orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail where possible. Devices are shipped via UPS, or UPS LTL where packages exceed the 150 lb (x kg) weight limit, or dimensional limits as specified by UPS.

An added charge may be assessed if we need to replace your shipping materials to ensure your device makes the return trip safely.

We use the insurance value you declare on the RMA form for the return shipping.